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Let's build tomorrow's ERP together!

Design Thinking

What is the contribution of Design Thinking in the deployment of SAP FIORI applications?

Emmanuel LASSERRE: “It changes everything!

Of course, we find in this methodology the classic phases of study and understanding of the functional needs which remain the basis of all design. Design Thinking also incorporates other phases that completely change the course and outcome of projects.

Design Thinking is partly inspired by agile methods by always having the desire to show very quickly what we have produced or thought. Design Thinking gives a very important part to prototyping. Each step is therefore visible and concrete so that all the actors of the project can have the same understanding.

Its originality is mainly contained in two other phases, the ideation phase and the feeling phase.

The ideation phase is probably the most significant phase of a Design Thinking process. It is essential to plan quickly in the search for solutions. Even if it is not a question of imagining new solutions only "not to do the same as before". It is however important to understand that to neglect this phase would be to take the risk of depriving yourself of the potential made available by new technologies and would only lead to reproducing old solutions.

The other important phase is the feeling phase. It brings us back to the fundamentals of L'UX Design , the quest for ease of use and the pleasure one achieves in a task. This is something new that has been little worked on in projects so far and that is still used too little. However, it is essential to seek user satisfaction and make it a major objective of the project.

The implementation of a Design Thinking process allows us to go much further. It will set up a new operating mode, a whole new relationship between users and IT departments because it is above all a pragmatic approach, understood by all. It allows us to move forward together with the same level of understanding.

Today, thanks to Design Thinking, we can move away from our old solutions and go to modern professional applications comparable to those we use in our daily personal life. It is imperative to think differently, to open up thinking more widely to get out of our old repositories. ”


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