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What is the contribution of a CHATBOT in FIORI applications?

Emmanuel LASSERRE :" We have to put all of this in a new context. We must now create professional applications that will be used like the ones we use in our personal life. Even if the applications we develop today evolve towards simplification by becoming more focused on a specific task, even if they become sufficiently ergonomic and interactive to be self-sufficient in their basic use, they remain linked to a business terminology and often fits into a larger process.
It is therefore necessary to provide the user with additional information such as definitions to explain certain terms, to give him access to targeted documentation to put the task in context, to access tutorials to show how to do it. or to facilitate access to the human support that is still necessary.
The Chatbot completes the effort undertaken from the design of the application so that it can be used as simply and as effectively as possible. This is the element that will complement the system to be implemented when deploying FIORI applications!

The Chatbot is therefore an important ally in the deployment phase of new applications. For the simplest applications, it will even be sufficient to support the user without special training. For the most complex applications, it will be the trainer's relay after the training to repeat the concepts, procedures or definitions seen previously. Its huge advantage is its 24/7 presence and its ability to serve a large number of users at the same time!

It is also an essential ally in everyday life! The training effort is often significant during the initial deployment of new applications and then it often disappears over time. Chatbot continues to support old users and assist new ones. If properly managed, it continues to grow, it follows the evolution of applications and supports the user long after the initial deployment.

The challenge is more to succeed in your Chatbot than to give access to different supports. A Chatbot must correspond to the context of use, it is naturally accepted by all, but, if it is badly designed, if it is only a answering machine without personality, or if it is an imitation of the human, it will be rejected.

A Chatbot, is part of the e-learning process, it must complete the system, it must have its own identity without trying to imitate or replace anyone. " 


IBI allons plus loin !

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