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How do you integrate the concept of UX design in SAP?

 Emmanuel LASSERRE :" On the one hand SAP delivers sets of applications, Another SAP keeps talking about development models and Guidelines. What should we understand? Should we deploy applications or develop them?
The applications delivered by SAP are only examples. They are certainly functional, but above all they must be considered as models which will serve as inspiration for future applications developed in line with the needs and processes of the company. If the OData part is often kept, the screen presentation part is most often personalized.
It is therefore necessary to integrate a development phase in each application to be deployed, either to simply adapt it if the application delivered by SAP is suitable, or to develop a new one that will respond more closely to the need. This is where UX design comes in!
UX design is above all the search for pleasure that the user will experience in interacting with the application, it is the ease with which he will carry out a task and the added value that he will bring to it. business. "


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