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FIORI 2020-2030

IBI BOT : Ease your FIORI migration!

IBI BOT : Reduce your training efforts!

IBI BOT : 24/7 Assistance

IBI BOT : Ease your FIORI migration!

IBI BOT : Reduce your training efforts!

IBI BOT : 24/7 Assistance

CHATBOT FIORI: A new recruit on your team!



The FIORI Chatbot is an essential player in the transition to new FIORI applications! Thanks to its multiple possibilities, it makes it possible to reduce the efforts and costs of change management and improve the user experience.


The FIORI Chatbot is the ultimate training assistant! It supports you during face-to-face training and can even be the only e-learning tool capable of launching tutorials or providing training materials.

Get 24/7 assistance!

The FIORI Chatbot is still there! On a daily basis, he remains available to support users, or wherever you are, whatever the day, at any time, he will always be available to assist you


The FIORI IBI CHATBOT is much more than a classic chatbot. It is integrated into your FIORI applications. He will be your companion to guide you, assist you in the use of the applications and answer all your questions.


Ask him to:


  • Meet the technical definitions to enlighten you!
  • Find tutorials to guide you!
  • Launch actions directly in the application to help you!
  • Access training documentation or support to review your knowledge!
Let's build together the ERP for the next 10 years: CHATBOTS

What is the contribution of a CHATBOT in FIORI applications?

Emmanuel LASSERRE: “The FIORI CHATBOT is the last element that will complete the system to be implemented during the deployment of FIORI applications!

Applications are normally ergonomic and interactive enough to be self-sufficient in their basic use. However, it is necessary to provide additional information such as definitions, to provide access to targeted documentation, to facilitate access to support, to access tutorials. All of this complements the effort undertaken from the design of the application so that it can be used as simply and as effectively as possible.

It is, of course, an important ally in the deployment phase of new applications. For the simplest applications it will even be sufficient to support the user without special training, for the most complex applications it will be the relay of the trainer after the training to repeat the concepts, procedures or definitions seen previously. Its huge advantage is its 24/7 presence and its ability to serve a large number of users at the same time

C’est aussi un allié important au quotidien !  L’effort de formation est souvent important lors du déploiement initial puis il disparaît bien souvent. Le CHATBOT FIORI, lui, continu de supporter les anciens utilisateurs et assiste les nouveaux. S’il est correctement géré il continu de s’enrichir, suit les évolutions des applications et supporte l’utilisateur longtemps après le déploiement.

The challenge is more to succeed in your CHATBOT than to give access to different supports. A CHATBOT must correspond to the context of use, it is naturally accepted by all but, if it is badly designed, if it is only a answering machine without personality, or if it is an imitation of the human, it will be rejected. A Chatbot, is part of the e-learning process, it must complete the device, it must have its own identity without seeking to imitate or replace anyone. "


Would you like additional information or a presentation of our CHATBOTs?

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